Quality Assurance

Quality Objectives

• Provide customers with high quality installations and services which meet the needs and expectations of our customers and interested parties and are fit for their purpose by ensuring;

• All service materials procurement and delivery process needed for quality installations shall not exceed eight (8) days from request.

• Achieve 100% compliance to maintenance cycle plan for all quantities of service materials approved and supplied to user departments.
0% downtime on power outage for all managed sites is maintained daily.

• Achieve 99.9% customer satisfaction rating for all operations activities annually.

• Achieve 100% compliance to the approved PPM Plan.

• All corrective maintenance shall be completed within 3 days after approval.

• Power outage monitoring of all managed sites shall not exceed the daily 2hrs Mean Time to Restore (MTTR).

• Timeline for escalation of all alarms and power outages on Managed sites shall not exceed the specified 10mins Mean Time to Detect (MTTD).

• Promote the culture of continual improvements of the Quality Management System and the philosophy of getting things “right first time” by ensuring risk assessment fundamentals are integrated in all business processes. This is achieved by ensuring;

• Conduct of internal audits bi-annually

• Conduct management review bi-annually

• Ensure that corrective actions are carried out and issues identified are effectively addressed and closed out within 30days

• Conduct annual customer survey and ensure ST&T achieve minimum of 80% internal customer satisfaction rating for support processes

• Develop the skills and competencies of the employees to maximize their potentials and ensure their contributions and productivity match the business needs and the stakeholders’ goals.

• To recruit the best people to fill vacancies within 2weeks of the role becoming vacant

• To ensure that a minimum of 80% of in-house trainings and 75% of outsourced trainings stated in the annual training schedule are achieved.

• To ensure 100% compliance to appraisal process bi-annually.

• Ensure that we achieve 75% customer satisfaction ratings in our bi-annual feedback survey

• Ensure Payroll variable is submitted to the Account department on or before 23rd of every month.

• Pursue improvements in methods, standards, tools, etc. by setting, reviewing and communicating quality objectives to develop the business and respond to changing market requirements.

• Conduct operations meetings weekly and general meetings monthly

• Conduct periodic knowledge sharing sessions in compliance to schedule

• Comply with regulatory and other requirements

• Ensure compliance to all remittances and requirements within the stipulated timelines.

Quality Assurance Plan

Our quality assurance plan ensures that appropriate process and system is practiced. This involves the provision of tools for record keeping activities that cover all systems of operation.

Some of our quality assurance activities are;
▪️ Planning, scheduling and appraisal of preventive maintenance.
▪️Tracking required maintenance services.
▪️Planned proactive and reactive inspections.
▪️Inspecting, discovering, evaluating and documenting deficiencies.
▪️Monitoring the life of equipment and facilities.
▪️Developing a maintenance file.