What is the full meaning of ST&T?

ST&T is an abbreviation for Specific Tools and Techniques Limited

How do i locate an ST&T branch near me?

Click here to get to our Contact Us Page. There you will find addresses of our Office Locations across Nigeria

What are the core values of ST&T?

We are Customer Driven, Innovative, Respectful to individuals, and ensure Safety of Stakeholders.

How costly are ST&T services compared to other

Our services are comparatively cheaper in cost than most of our competitors despite maintenance of high ethical standards. We are able to render cheaper services because of our financial strength and many years of experience.

What time does ST&T open office?

Our offices nation wide open on Mondays to fridays between 8.00am to 5.30pm.

Does ST&T accept SIWES Students and Corp Members for NYSC?

Students that have interest in our company are accepted for industrial training provided they come from relevant departments.
We also accept Corp Members for NYSC